Love Your Space
Shannon Tracy, Professional Organizer
Do you ever catch yourself rearranging items at your friends' homes?     Do you label all the shelves, drawers and boxes in your home?
No? Well then you are in luck because I do and I can help you get your home and life organized today.  It is my mission to help you Love Your Space.

I founded Love Your Space in 2006 after much encouragement from those who surround me. It is my belief that I can truly help others get their spaces to work for them as I am myself a reformed disorganized person (just ask my husband before we had kids!).

I have found that maintaining an organized home allows more time for the important things in my life, like my children and my passion for scrapbooking. It was a labor of love to start this company and I would especially like to thank my loving husband; he keeps busy our three toddler boys while I work odd hours.

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