Love Your Space
Shannon Tracy, Professional Organizer

The Process

Clients often express how embarrassed they are that they need help from a Professional Organizer to get their homes in order. I reply, “Are you embarrassed to bring in a plumber to fix a leak”? If you have an organizational issue that you can't seem to get under control yourself, doesn't it make sense to bring in someone who is an expert in the field? The average homeowner spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a home and then finds themselves crippled by chaos and clutter. For as little as $150 you can actually begin enjoying each room and the home you have always wanted!

If you would like to achieve your goals of having a well organized, functional, and charming space, please call me anytime.  Just call for a free in home consultation where we can discuss your needs, goals, and budget (if there are things we are going to need to purchase). The consultation is essential to the process because it is important for me to understand why your current system is not working for you. There is not always one simple solution for everyone. Each person has different needs and I will devise a plan that works best for you! 

After the plan is developed, we will work the space, together, inch by inch.  The relief and satisfaction on people’s faces after we have finished is indescribable-it is why I do this!

A follow up visit is offered 6-8 weeks after for free. It is important that the system we develop actually works day in and day out. I will check in to make sure your system works just right for you.

Other services offered:
~Home staging for improved selling potential
~Packing/Unpacking assistance

~Consultation: Free
~Hourly Rate (min of three hours): $60/hour

*The minimum of time is 3 hours =$180 at $60/hour

I didn't think de-cluttering my home would be so difficult.....except it was. I know how to file, and I'm not incompetent, but I was definitely having a "cleaner's block" when it came to the house. I kept telling myself "I don't need to pay someone to organize my own home," but day after day it got more and cluttered, and I got more and more overwhelmed. Then, one day, it took me an hour to find an important document that I put "somewhere safe."

I called Shannon and she saved me...really. First she taught me a great filing system, unique to my needs, and with her help, I re-organized all my paperwork. We then moved onto my study, where she helped me determine which items (a new desk, white boards, etc.) were necessary to create a productive working environment. Now my office is beautiful, and functional. Closets came next, and they were a mess! I could not believe how much "stuff" I had in my closets....70% of which, I did not need. Shannon helped me to decide what should stay and what should go to "Good Will." My closets are so organized now! I love plastic bins and labels! The closets look great, and it's so easy to keep them in order.

Shannon is wonderful at what she does, and she has helped me to LOVE my space!

Adena R., Waltham
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